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Hair Wrap FAIL (Video)

wrap fail thumb

So I planned to record a video showing how I cross wrap my hair, but it was a total fail. Here’s the funny video of me struggling to wrap my short hair. Enjoy!

10 Products for the Top 5 Hair Issues

10 Products for the Top 5 Hair Issues

[Editor's Note: This article was written by MsKibibi and originally published on October 6, 2014 on The COCO Magazine] There will be times along your hair journey that you experience specific issues that your current regimen or products don’t seem to address. These issues can range from increased shedding and breakage to slower growth rate. […]

Hair Length Check – 6 Months

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I’m doing my hair challenge reveal a couple weeks early because I’m so excited about my progress.

Pack for Paris: 8 Days, 1 Carry On

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This is a special request video from my best friend showing how I pack for my trips with one carry on suitcase.

Hair Growth Aids Part 2

growth aids 2

In this video, I talk about growth aids that help promote hair growth from the inside.

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