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Healthy Sew-In Weave Regimen

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Watch the video to learn details about my regimen for the Save Your Ends phase of the Love Your Hair Challenge. Join the challenge here.

Love Your Hair Challenge: Phase 2

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  Watch the video to learn about Phase 2 of the challenge and join the challenge on the Facebook Group.

3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Hair Resolutions Fail + ...

3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Hair Resolutions Fail + 3 Tips for Success

[Editor's Note: This article written by MsKibibi was originally published on The CoCo Magazine.] We are well into 2014 and I’m guessing that for most of you, your hair and other resolutions are distant memories. It’s not that you didn’t begin with the best intentions. You did. However, you may not have taken the most […]

Shedding postpartum

Shedding postpartum

I recently stopped nursing my baby boy who is now 16 months old and to my dismay, my hair went on a shedding frenzy. Initially I started panicking, but I got a grip of myself and began my research. I soon found out that Excessive shedding was common amongst women postpartum. Here’s the deal during […]

Update on My ‘Change Your Habits’ Regimen

Update on My ‘Change Your Habits’ Regimen

I’m back on US soil after a wonderful week in Portugal. You can view pictures from my trip on my Instagram page (be sure to follow me also). While in Portugal, I tried to eat protein bars since I wasn’t able to bring my protein shakes. Alas, I couldn’t get past the taste. I bought […]

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