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3 Masks for Oily/Acne Skin

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Click the image of each product to order it on Amazon. I’ve been using the Lerosett Organic Acne Mask for almost two years and absolutely love it. Although the Alba Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask has a slight tingle, it is actually gentle enough to not irritate my sensitive skin. Niacinamide 500mg is one of the […]

How to Deal With Comparing Yourself to Others

How to Deal With Comparing Yourself to Others

When it comes to life goals, it’s very helpful to have someone you admire that motivates you towards your own goals. This person could be a family member, a mentor, or a public figure that you’ve never met. Regardless of who the person is, you aspire to achieve similar success in your life. Unfortunately, there’s […]

How To Stop Weave Tangles Instantly

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  Here’s my favorite product to stop and prevent my extensions from tangling. What do you like to use?

3 Ways a Weave Can Save/Grow Your Hair

3 Ways a Weave Can Save/Grow Your Hair

There are several tactics available in the quest to achieve healthy, long hair. Taking vitamins, using growth promoting products, and protective styling are among the more popular tools used today. Protective styling entails wearing hairstyles that “hide” your hair (specifically your delicate hair ends) and protects them from potential damage. Less damage leads to less […]

My Visit to Reniece’s Salon + Hair Update

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It’s been two months since I did my first weave install. Watch this video to see footage from my recent salon visit, where my stylist Reniece re-did my sew-in weave. I also share updates on my hair and regimen.

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