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As I shared in my Winter Wig Regimen video, I use a sulfur coconut oil mix on my scalp during the winter months.  For me, the sulfur prevents my scalp from being itchy and flaky.  It is also a popular ingredient in growth aid products.  
While I have used sulfur for several years, I can’t really attest to whether it has actually increased my hair growth.  However, there are several women who have reported increased growth with using sulfur based products.
There are different types of sulfur powder; I use Sublimed Sulfur, which I purchased on Ebay.  Some pharmacies may also carry it, so check with your local pharmacy.  
I use coconut oil as the base oil for my sulfur mix but any carrier oil will suffice.  Some good carrier oils include olive oil and castor oil.  You can also “spice” up your mix by adding essential oils.    
Do your research before you start making your own sulfur mix.  It is important that you use caution when working with sulfur.    Generally, it is not advised that you make your sulfur mix stronger than 10%.  As always, test a small area on your skin/scalp before you apply to your entire head.


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  • Hi Ms. Kibibi, What do you think of growth serums? Have you ever tried one?

  • I’ve never used a growth serum. I say do your research on the ingredients and test it out on a small area first. I have used oils and sprays that were said to promote growth. But I don’t really remember them making a huge difference. Then again, I also wasn’t keeping track at the time.

  • Anonymous

    How often do you use your sulfur regiman? Do you apply it daily?