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A few days ago, I read a tip about spraying aloe vera juice on dry hair to help make wash day uneventful. The tipster said that the aloe vera juice melted her new growth and allowed her to detangle her hair without any problems. After my setback with using Mane and Tail detangler, I all but gave up on the idea of using a detangler on dry hair. I have used aloe vera juice in my spray bottle mix for when I wear my wig and need to moisturize my real hair.  So I know that my hair likes aloe vera juice. I just never thought to use it on my dry hair to detangle.

Hair lost while detangling on wash day

I washed my hair yesterday, and I decided to try the aloe vera juice as a detangler. In short – I loved it! I started out by spraying my roots with Sta Sof Fro and allowed it to soften my new growth for about an hour. I poured the aloe vera juice into a spray bottle and then sprayed it on my roots and along the length of my hair. Next, I followed my usual wash day routine of detangling and braiding my hair. While detangling, I did not feel any snags from my new growth or along the length of my hair. My new growth felts super soft, smooth, and silky. I also used it to help me gently detangle before I applied my conditioner.

Hair lost (above) balled together

Granted, the Sta Sof Fro helped to soften my new growth. But, it is not an ideal detanlger so I never used it to detangle my hair. The aloe vera juice worked well with the Sta Sof Fro, and I will continue to use them together. It is important to note, that a few days ago I thoroughly moisturized my roots with Sta Sof Fro and carefully detangled my hair. Therefore the small amount of hair lost yesterday is because I had already detangled a few days ago.

Hair lost when I detangled a few days ago
Hair lost a few days ago balled together

The aloe vera juice would also be great to use to smooth out my new growth during the week for a more polished look. I strongly suggest that you try it out especially if you are natural, transitioning or stretching. (Remember to do a test strand if you have never used aloe vera juice on your hair). If you try it, please let me know.


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  • Rain

    if you do a strand test, how long should u wait to see the reaction?

  • Ideally, I think one day is good. Some products will instantly let you know that neither your hair nor your body likes it (ex. if you start itching). Other products take longer to show adverse effects on your hair (i.e. after your hair dried).

  • Rain

    Thank you! That got me thinking, coconut oil always makes my scalp itch like crazy. Maybe my body is rejecting it. Thanks!

  • Oh no sorry to hear that coconut oil makes you itch. Yes, it sounds like your body doesn’t like it.

  • Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I think its wonderful. I find it informative and helpful. My questions are…When do you detangle your hair? (before washing, before conditioning, as a separate process…) I have been using the braidout method for a no heat style, so I only comb/detangle my hair once a week. I know I will lose some hair, but I feel I am losing more because of tangling.

  • Thank you for posting this to us. Yeah It’s true that coconut oil is good for the hair.

  • Hey Ms. Kibbi! I know that I am late, as this is an older post but I thought that I would share my experience with Aloe Vera Juice with you guys. I am natural and I use Aloe Vera juice in a spray bottle with a little water as a leave in conditioner. I can not use it as a detangler because it makes my hair stick together but sometimes I let my hair air dry in a bun and the Aloe Juice makes my thick and frizzy hair soft and shiny. If I am doing a wash and go, I spray the Aloe Juice mixture in my hair then I apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera Gel and I use Shea Mositure Curling Souffle and Curl Enhancing Smoothie to set it and make my ends shiny and moisturized the whole day. The Aloe gel soaks into the hair so a heavier moisturizer is definitly needed. I started using Aloe because I had heat damage and my ends where straight instead of curly and my roots where very frizzy! I did not want to cut the heat damage off so I clipped my ends and started using the Aloe Juice and Gel and my curl pattern is returning and my hair is smoother again thanks to the ph balancing properties that Aloe has on Hair. Oh and I also wanted to comment on Coconut Oil, it is really oily but it works good as a moisturizer I find on dry hair or a pre poo but it dried out my skin and my daughters skin so I could see it irritating someones scalp.

    • Tee

      I Had Given Up OnDetailing My Hair…Nothing Worked!!!!! I Spent Hours On Just One Section…One Day I Decided To Use AVJ To Soothe My Scalp After A Perm And The Next Day, I Had No Tangles…WHAT???!!!Don’t Know How It Worked…But I Thank GOD!!!