3 Ways to Increase Hair Growth

Growth Tips

During the winter, your hair growth rate slows down. To combat this occurrence, here are some tips for increasing your growth rate.

1. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are a great (and free) way to promote growth. It increases the blood flow and circulation to the scalp. However, there’s an important distinction between scratching your scalp and massaging your scalp. The former is not a healthy practice because it can cause abrasions on your scalp. Use your fingers or a scalp massage tool on a daily basis for optimal results.


2. Vitamins

We all know that hair growth comes is directly affected by your diet. Few of us have a completely balanced diet, so you can supplement with vitamins. Biotin, silica, and MSM are known to help promote hair growth. Consult your physician before starting a vitamin regimen and follow the suggested dosage.

3. Natural Oils

Although hair growth comes from within your body, there are oils that you can use externally to stimulate your hair follicles. Emu oil has been long regarded as one of those oils. For a vegan alternative, try peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil. You can use the oil to massage your scalp or simply apply it to your scalp at night.


What’s your method for increasing hair growth? Share your tips in the comments below.



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  • Paula (Marcia) Bell

    What if i mix the peppermint oil with dark castor oil?

    • That will work also. But a lighter oil might will keep your hair from being weighed down.

  • La Toya Sears

    MsKibibi, I’m trying to grow waist length longer and healthier hair but where do I start?