My Relaxer Stretch

Photo on 2-23-13 at 4.04 PM

Hopefully, you can see the significant new growth I have. This is my hair slathered in in my ORS deep conditioner which softens the newbies like butter and makes detangling much easier


Before beginning my hair journey, I once did an eight month stretch because I had intended to go back natural but then changed my mind midway. I do not remember having excessive breakage then but my hair was much cut in a bob so it was much shorter and there was not as much length to detangle. I now want to try stretching again with longer hair. I realize now that any difficulties I had in the past, going past 8 weeks with longer hair was simply that my hair was not conditioned well enough. As long as I am using something that works well for me and softens my roots then I do not experience excessive demarcation breakage. My edges, which have always been very short and thin are growing in really nicely so this has been a great experience so far.

To do this stretch successfully I have been washing my hair in braids to avoid the extra tangles from being wet and it really helps. I divide my dry hair into six sections, detangle and then braid. To detangle I apply a lot of moisturizer to get my hair soft, supple and very slightly damp because detangling on completely dry hair leads to breakage. I have also tried applying oils to detangle but found that the moisturizer works better.


Yea I look completely ridiculous with all these braids but this is what wash day looks like now.

Yea I look completely ridiculous with all these braids but this is what wash day looks like now.

I do not think i will go for as long as 7 months right now but maybe in the future I will.  I am currently going on week 11 and right now I think I will relax at week 12.  I will straighten my hair today to see how much length I have retained and to ensure my hair is not thinning and then decide if I would like to try and stretch even longer than 3 months.

To complicate things a bit I am also doing this because I got highlights over Christmas break. I know it wasn’t the best thing to do but I really wanted them and decided that the worst case scenario is a set back that I will get over. I will post more on this soon to give details on what my experience with double processed hair is like. The stretch is therefore partially a way to avoid chemicals for as long as possible to give my hair a good long break but if it works out well, then I will keep on stretching from now on

My biggest tip with stretching is not to do it if you are noticing a lot of extra demarcation breakage. I think it honestly just takes practice, learning to deal with the two textures and finding the right products. I used to lose way too much hair, going beyond 8 weeks or so but I know how to manage my hair a lot better and so will continue doing this if the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Photo on 2-23-13 at 1.13 PM #3

My edges look so good to me right now. i think it is partially genetic for me 2 have weak edges because my dad and sisters also have really thin edges but I also realize now that extreme TLC can get them growing.

Photo on 2-23-13 at 1.13 PM

The really short hairs are all new. I don’t have my five finger forehead anymore (yaay! lol) because of how much my hairline is picking up

Photo on 2-23-13 at 1.13 PM #2

Grow baby, grow!


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  • Jenn

    What is your hair regimen? What do use you use to help stretch your relaxers?

  • MsMona

    My regimen is built around simplicity. I shampoo every week, deep condition at least once a week and co-wash then do a mini deep condition for 5 minutes mid week. I do hardcore protein with an egg and conditioner mix about once every six weeks. That is my regimen in a nutshell but if you want more details, here is a link You will note, it is slightly different now, than it was in this post.
    To stretch my relaxer, I focus applying deep conditioner to my roots as much as I do my ends. I pretty much mentioned everything that I do to stretch in this article but I also reserve combs if I did not straighten my hair for wash days. I get a very slick bun by dampening my hair with my spray bottle, applying a tiny bit of gel (you do not want to use a lot till your hair gets hard because it will break when detangling) then tie it down with my silk scarf at night. Tying it down so that it sets in place allows me to put my hair very loosely but neatly in one. If I don’t tie it down i have to wrap my scrunchie a bit more tightly to keep everything together which is more stressful on my delicate hairline. Some weeks I will do this protective style and on others I do a braid out or scrunch which blends in easily with new growth.

  • Kita

    I will try this I want my hair to grow even though I have hair pass my shoulder