Video: Long Natural & Relaxed Hair



My stylist Reniece just posted a video showcasing the hair journey of a few of her clients, including yours truly. The video also features an illustrative curl pattern chart. Determining your curl pattern is helpful when selecting the products and styling techniques work best to achieve your desired hair style.


Hair Type Chart



The chart is not meant to “grade” different hair types or try to imply that one pattern is “better” than another. We each have distinct hair types and all of them are beautiful.


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  • Dany

    amazing, just amazing.

  • Natalie

    We miss you on youtube. When are you going to make another video?

    • I miss you all too! Life has been hectic lately but yes, I plan to make another video soon.

  • AJB

    Very nice.

  • Tam

    This is going to really help me out a lot.

  • Your hair and stylist are fantastic! I was wondering if it would be ok to post this to my site it’s so inspirational

  • Nunya

    Hunh…wanna bet? Plenty 4cs and 4bs wishing they were at the other end…

  • Ida

    Wow! Very impressif! I love it! But what about the scalp? Roots? Do you moisturizer them?

  • Lulu

    I got your book and haven’t start reading it but what if u don’t to wear a weave or wigs will brides or twist work for this and please let me know thanks

    • Yes, you can use properly installed braids/twists, maintain a healthy regimen and retain length.

      • Lulu


  • Deandrea


    • The key is proper care and technique when styling. Check out her other videos, Reniece posted a recent one showing her blow dry technique.

  • Happy curls

    I’m Native American (Cherokee&Choctaw),Musslim,Black,and
    Caucasian I have 3b/3a hair (curly hair) but my sisters have type 4 hair. My sisters say that I have good hair because it loosely curled, and I tell them they have pretty hair too but they say the have bad nappy hair, how can I convince them that they have pretty hair too. I don’t believe in a such thing as bad hair

    • I wish it were that simple as you telling them and them accepting it. They have to learn to view their hair as beautiful. You telling them is very helpful and showing them other women who have their hair type. How they view their hair is no different from how we view any part of our bodies. We all have things that we think aren’t beautiful but hopefully with time we learn to accept and love our bodies.

  • Courtney

    Can I just say, after watching this video, I was seriously in tears! I have just decided to grow out my relaxer, and it is truly a struggle. And sometimes I question why I’m doing it, and I realized THIS is why! THIS video reminded me why I want healthy hair! Why I wan’t to work hard at making my hair beautiful and healthy!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • I’m so happy it was helpful!