A Natural, Permanent Hair Straightener?


Earlier this month, I decided to stop my unofficial transition to natural hair. I also no longer wanted to be texlaxed. At this point in my life, I want bone straight hair without needing to blow dry and flat iron every week (I want to roller-set again). Initially, I considered doing a “virgin” relaxer treatment but my stylist Reniece suggested that I try the Zerran Reform Treatment instead. Here’s my experience with the Zerran.

Pre-Treatment Prep

Before my appointment, Reniece advised that I wash my hair, blow dry the roots straight and thoroughly detangle my hair. I was surprised that I could actually wash my hair the night before the treatment without worry of it burning my scalp (something that would not work for getting a relaxer). So I co-washed and blow dried my hair as instructed and did 8 large plaits/braids to keep my hair straight.

Treatment Application

When I got to my appointment, Reniece thoroughly detangled my hair again, re-braided the plaits and then shampooed with a special shampoo. One reason it was important to detangle my hair was to prevent matting during the wash. After she shampooed, we went back to the stylist chair to apply the treatment.


After shampoo, before treatment


Reniece did a test section on two braids to see how my hair would respond to the treatment. She blow dried my hair, sprayed the Zerran and then flat ironed. After she got the test section straight, she shampooed the test section again to determine how much “reversion” my hair would have. Lastly, she applied the treatment to my entire head.

The Zerran had a light botanical scent and did not burn. Reniece applied the treatment with her bare hands and did not need to use a mask. About half way through the treatment, she turned on a fan behind us. There weren’t any fumes but I did cough occasionally because of the smell. But it was nothing alarming.


After treatment


My hair came out bouncy, shiny, and most importantly straight. The last thing we did was my hair cut. I didn’t want to see or take before pictures because I knew cutting 4″ would be a greater shock if I saw just how much was removed. So I closed my eyes, and only looked after she was finished. My first reaction was “Pretty!”  My ends looks so thick and healthy. Then she cut my bangs and styled my hair (click here to see pics).

Final Thoughts

I was very happy with how the treatment went and plan to continue using the Zerran. It is an all natural, permanent hair straightener, so while my hair won’t be “natural,” it will eventually be relaxer-free. I am not against relaxers, but since my hair was texlaxed, doing the Zerran was a less risky way of getting straighter hair without worrying about over processing.

The main “con” of the treatment is the cost. Treatment prices range from $275 and up (depending on where you live). However, the treatment is only done 2-3 times a year. The second “con” is that it’s difficult to get the edges bone-straight because the flat iron can’t get close enough. Reniece used a hot comb for the edges but a flat iron provides optimal results.

In my next post, I’ll share Reniece’s wash day recommendation and how my first wash day went after the treatment.

Have you tried this treatment? What was your experience? Would you use it?



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  • Shari

    Your hair looks great! Do you have a link to the ingredients of Zerran? I seem to only be able to find what it doesn’t contain, not what it does.

  • La Toya Turner Haircare

    It looks good! I’m in the place that I want to be texturized. This might be a great option. Does the hair return to it’s curly state when wet or does it stay straight like a relaxer?

    • It’s supposed to stay straight like a relaxer but it depends on how curly your hair was to begin with and how many passes with the flat iron. Some naturals use it to loosen their curl pattern and not go bone straight. I want bone straight.

  • Li

    Wow! Looks really good. Im looking forward to hear how the first wash day goes.

    I ve done Brazilian Blowout several times but that doesnt leave the hair bone straight, you still have to flatiron after wash if you want it bone straight.

    Why did you have to wash it beforehand if she washed the hair again?

    Shame it is so expensive, but if it is only flat ironing maybe you can buy the solution and do it yourself?

    • I think its only available to professional stylists. I had to wash my hair beforehand to thoroughly detangle and blow out my roots.

      • Li

        Will it stay that straight after Wash as well or Will you have to use heat?

  • this is such an interesting straightening treatment! i’m glad you got great results; just gel down those edges and don’t worry! haha thanks for sharing, i’ve always though you have beautiful hair

  • Wow! I’ve never heard of this before but it’s definitely worth looking into! Thanks for the info!

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of this. This will be perfect for my sister who is a natural and likes her hair straight. I don’t think the price is much considering she has been wearing a straight sew-in, which if you add up the costs, this will cost her less in a year than continuing to wear sew-in’s. Great post!