Did My Hair Grow 6″ in 1 Year?


Did my hair grow 6″ in 1 year?

On average, hair grows 6″ in 1 year. Last year, I wanted to see exactly how many inches my hair would grow in 1 year. I did a a couple minor trims last year so I wasn’t sure about whether I would reach my goal. So did my hair grow 6″ in 1 year? Watch the video to find out! Hint: see the pictures below 😉

It has been one year since my last length check and I was very excited to see how much my hair grew in one year. It means that my regimen is working for me. But as this is a hair journey, I still need to make changes to improve on my regimen. You can find out about my 2015 hair regimen here.

My hair is starting to have a V shape, so we cut 2″ to have a blunt cut. Now my goal is to keep the ends healthy and in tact.

Reniece suggested that I wear my wig regimen for 2 months instead of one month. Also, I need to have my cousin do my take down. The last thing she suggested that I forgot to mention in the video is to saturate my hair with conditioner before I shampoo my scalp.

What do you think of my progress?

january 2015 length check

This was taken in January 2015.

2016 length check

This was taken in January 2016.


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