Watch Beyonce’s “Formation” + Hair Style Details


Watch Beyonce’s “Formation” + Hair Style Details

I’m an 80s baby. This means that I spent my teenage years in the 1990s. There’s something very special about the era that you hit puberty, become of age, and “find yourself.” We all remember high school as being the most formative years of our lives.

Well a huge part of our high school days was the music. More specifically for us 90s kids, music videos was the be all and end all. I still remember the buzz and thrill of watching “Making The Video” (an MTV show that shared the behind the scenes process of making a music video), with the world wide premiere of the video. Sadly that feeling of anticipation akin to Christmas Eve and finding out who won America’s Next Top Model, died with the 90s.

Enter Beyonce.

I first read about Beyonce’s video on Facebook yesterday, but I was too busy to watch the video. Then around 1am, I finally got a chance to watch it. I have two words: Mind Blown. I haven’t felt this level of excitement and inspiration from a music video in so long, that I can’t even recall the last video that gave me this feeling.

If you haven’t seen the Beyonce video, then I won’t include any spoilers. Watch it above and review my break down of her several hair styles, including tips on how to recreate the look yourself.

Thank you Beyonce for bringing back the art of a music video. You are the Queen Bee for good reason. All hail the queen.

beyonce formation afro blow out hairstyle

Natural hair reined supreme in this video! Yassss!!! Here Beyonce is wearing a natural blow out hair style. You can achieve this style by letting your natural hair air dry and then gently finger-comb it when it’s about 80% dry. This will separate the curls and give your hair more volume.

beyonce formation braids hair style

The braids have it! This cornrow and single strand braid style is pretty simple to achieve and also a great protective style.

beyonce formation braided crown

In this look, Beyonce is rocking a braided crown. You can achieve this style by doing two side braids and then wrap each braid around your head in opposite directions, then secure with hair pins.

beyonce formation braids

YASSS Bey! This is probably my favorite hairstyle and outfit for the video. This is a simple style with two fish braids.

beyonce formation top bun

This top bun is amazing and I love the hair net wrapped around it.

beyonce formation braidout

This is the first hairstyle we see in the video. To get this look, start with a braid out and pin your hair back into a french twist or bun. Then let some strands hang down to frame your face.


Which style is your favorite?


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  • Bey is rockin’ every single one of these styles. Great post!


    • She sure is! I’m tempted to write about the controversy the video has sparked.

  • I love the fishtail braids and the braided crown. The visuals in this video were really good

  • foodfashionandflow

    Bey looks good in every hairstyle. I love the nod to our culture with the Afrocentric hairstyles.

  • I love the new blog layout. Do you know, I had not watched the video yet. This post forced me to watch. She looks amazing, as per the usual. I’m a sucker for a top knot bun.

    • Thanks! I’m excited about the changes also. haha @ being forced to watch. I’ve been watching it repeatedly. It’s not my new get ready song lol

  • I love all of these styles, but I love a good braid out. Like you, I also miss shows like “Making the Video” and when MTV actually used to promote all things music!

    • Right?!?!? Bring back the music. Although I’m a sucker for the show Catfish too haha

  • Shantel Turner-Collins

    The bun in my favorite look, although she slayed all of the looks!

    • I agree! I think I’ll try to recreate the top bun. Just have to figure out what she used for the wide net.

  • Peace

    Bey gave aShout out to Kenya Moore…. I Twirl On My Haters????????????????????????????????

    • Yes! I caught that too. You know Kenya Moore is in heaven about the mention lol