Dating Tip: How to Get Him to Call and Ask You Out


I love to hear stories about how couples first met. We tend to have a vision in our mind of how we will meet someone special. In the years since I’ve been single, I have kept an open mind about meeting men and just going with the flow of things. This is definitely new for me as the typical “type A” personality, but the thing I’ve learned is when you relinquish the need to control everything, then magical things can happen.

I’m sure we have all met guys in bars, at parties, friend’s house, special events, etc. Living in Miami, it can be a challenge to meet men who are not only looking for a quick hookup. I say “only” because let’s be honest, there’s nothing inherently wrong with a man wanting to sleep with you. It’s a sign that he’s physically attracted to you and why wouldn’t he be? You are fabulous after all.

But, the challenge comes into play when you want more than a casual hookup or friend with benefits. For me, I have certain standards that I expect any man who wants my time to respect. The very first standard is the “call me” standard.

Let’s face it, technology has changed the dating game and frankly, texting is lazy as hell. I know of guys and girls who will text someone while in the car or even in bed next to their current beau. So if a man wants me to take him seriously, then he must first call and ask me out properly. Yes, it’s old fashioned but guess what? It’s an easy way to weed out the time wasters.

When Jer asked for my number, I made it very clear in a flirty and playful way that he needed to call and ask me out properly. After we cleared up our first “fight,” he asked me out via text, to which I reminded him that he needed to call me to ask me properly. I stayed fun and positive and even ended the text with a smiley emoji. When we didn’t mention in the video was that when he did call, he apologized for the delay because his family was in town.

So what’s the easiest way to get a guy to call you to ask you out? Let him know in a playful and fun manner that he needs to call you. If he’s truly interested then he will make the time to call you. If he doesn’t, then that’s okay. It simply means he wasn’t interested enough and you certainly don’t want a guy with a lukewarm interest.

How did you meet your boyfriend/husband? How do you feel about men texting vs. calling to ask you out?


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  • You are so right. Texting makes everyone, especially men lazy. I like the fact that you “nicely suggested” to him that he needed to call you and ask you out. And since he liked you enough, he obliged. I’ll have to try that in the future

    • Yeah, it should be fun and flirty and not like he’s being given a directive. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. It’s always worked for to tell who is really interested and who would end up wasting my time anyway. It’s no love lost if they don’t call.

  • T. Espi

    In my experience, texting leads to lots of confusion. A quick chat can fix all that. My husband and I met at work 🙂

    • Great point! Tone is lost or misread on text. aww that’s wonderful you met hubby at work.

  • Valerie Robinson

    This texting thing is out of control! Now people are breaking up, making up, asking out and everything via text. And it sucks!

    • HA Yes, I agree. It takes away the personal aspect. I miss the days when a guy had to be brave enough to call your house and risk your parents answering the phone. You definitely knew he was interested then.

  • A phone call is definitely more direct and less lazy, and it shows that the person really cares – but what about if you’re shy? Like on the receiving end? I guess you would have to get over it especially if you plan to date the person haha but still I can’t help but wonder

    • I hear you and I certainly get butterflies when I see a guy calling. But I take a breathe and remind myself that it’s his job to impress me. I don’t have to do anything but be relax and be myself. Remember that he’s more nervous than you are 😉

  • I met my husband in middle school when cell phones were not a big deal. Matter fact, my first cell was a bag phone. So, there was not texting going on there. Passing letters, sure. Texting, nope. I am a huge texter but I’d rather my dude show interest directly not via a device.

    • OMG yes, I remember the original text message – folded notes passed between friends in class. Oh the good old days. haha

  • My hubby and I met when we were 17. We both worked at McDoanld’s I was a cashier and he worked the grill. We’ve been together ever since.


  • I met my Babe on the internet, it wasn’t a dating site but it was back when dating sites weren’t the thing yet. Back when it was still a bit odd to just meet people on the internet. Twelve years later we are still at it. I never thought I would have met my love that way. Glad I did though.

    • Thanks for sharing! This is a great example of being open to love no matter where you met.

  • I met my boyfriend back in high school, years later we found each other and been together since. If it’s a first date, then the guy should totally call instead of texting.

    • I love hearing about couple who reconnected after a few years. Everything happens at the right time 🙂

  • It’s so fun to hear how couples met! My husband and I were introduced by a mutual friend via Facebook. We were both going to the same college, and she thought it would be good if we knew each other since we are both from Atlanta. Needless to say, we got to know each other REALLY well LOL.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison |

  • Jonna

    I met my husband at work. I had just broke up with my current boyfriend and was leaving work a little early. He stopped and asked me if I worked there because he thought I looked familiar. Found out we had similar names (Jon & Jonna) and that he recognized me because we had a mutual friend who was a photographer and j was in he portfolio. 18 years later…here we are. Fortunately calling was the only option back then lol

  • Holly

    The internet has changed the game. I have met several friends and dated people from meeting them from the internet. Such is the way of life now.

  • I think texting has become so impersonal. It’s okay to send little love notes coccasionally by text, but a person’s voice is always the better choice!

  • Antoinette Cain

    Texting is so impersonal, definitely not an ideal way to get to know someone. I agree with your rule-pick up the phone and call me.