How to Make Lacefront Wig Look Real [Video Tutorial]


Here’s a video on how to make a lacefront wig look real.

If you wear a lacefront wig or you’re thinking about it, then you know how important it is to make it look real. You don’t want anyone to assume it’s a wig. They might think it’s a weave but let’s face it, people usually think Black girls with long thick hair is wearing a weave (insert eye roll). But I digress. Watch my video to learn how to make a wig look real.

The first step to making your lacefront wig look real is the parting. You can’t just part a wig and see your scalp unless you make adjustments. In my video, I show you exactly how I adjust my wigs to make the part look less wiggy.

I love this lacefront wig. It’s a 16″ kinky straight wig that doesn’t shed or tangle. It matches the texture of blown out natural hair. You can get the exact wig I’m wearing here.


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