Regimen and Products for Long Hair


The first step to me growing long hair is having a comprehensive regimen and products for long hair. This includes a cleaners, protein treatment (depends on porosity), moisturizing conditioner, and daily moisturizer. All the fun products related to styling are icing on the cake. But the basics are needed to grow long hair.

Here’s a complete list of the products (with affiliate links) I’m using now and how I’m using them. Knowing what to use is only half the battle, you also need to know how to use the products. Of course understanding why you need to use them helps because then you won’t feel the need to skip a step.

What’s your current regimen?

You can order the NJoy growth oil here. I use the one with sulfur but keep in mind, it will tarnish silver jewelry. So either get the one without sulfur, or skip the silver for a few weeks.

The SheScentIt Moisture Mist is available here. This is super light weight and won’t weight your hair down. It also absorbs quickly.

Both companies have sales a few times a year and I usually stock up when they do.


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