3 Mistakes When Going Natural

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mistakes when going natural

You may be thinking about going natural or you may have already begun the process. Perhaps your have the desire to experiment on your new hair journey, but their are some things that you must keep in mind along the way. As your learn to care for your natural hair, you will likely experience some ups and downs. With your hair accomplishments can also come mistakes, but some can be avoided. The following are 3 mistakes when going natural.

1. Doing Too Much

Going natural is a very exciting time, and you may want to try new products, techniques, and styles. With all the available and arriving products on the market for natural hair, it’s quite tempting to try them all. This is the first mistake when going natural. It’s easy for a new natural to turn into a product junkie, but trying out many products and techniques at once won’t help you to assess which ones are actually working well and which ones aren’t. It’s best to take your time with products and techniques to see which ones work best for your hair, so that you can know which ones to keep in your regimen. In addition, your pockets will thank you.

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2. Using Direct heat while transitioning

The second mistake when going natural is using direct heat. It can be a difficult period during your natural hair journey because you are growing out your natural hair texture. You may feel like straightening your hair will make it easier to manage, but you run the risk of damaging your natural hair any time you use direct heat. Too much heat overtime can lead to heat damage and breakage. You will not be able to retain all of your length. If you want your hair to reach it’s maximum potential, it’s best not to compromise the health of your hair by using heat styling tools such as flat irons and blow dryers.

3. Not creating your own regimen

You may follow a youtuber with impressively long hair who happens to use a blow dryer or a demnan brush. Their hair may thrive, but it doesn’t mean that using the same tools will work for your hair. Although their hair may seem similar to yours in texture, every head of hair is different, and may respond differently to techniques or products. The worse thing you can do is follow a Youtuber’s regimen and continue to follow it even though you don’t see any positive results. This will only result in your frustration and disappointment. Do what works best for your hair, and if a regimen is not working, change it.

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