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Hello Beautiful!

I’m MsKibibi, a Jamaican girl making my positive mark on the world.

I started Kibibi Hair in 2010 to help women achieve longer hair, after I grew my own hair to below waist length. I didn’t always have long hair and didn’t figure out how to grow my coarse, type 4 hair to waist length until I was in law school.

In 2012, I published my hair care book, The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide to Growing Long Hair, a comprehensive book with almost 300 pages of suggested regimens, product shopping guides and proven tips for growing long hair.

Over the years, Kibibi Hair has evolved to cover other topics including, beauty, travel and lifestyle. My goal is to help women look and feel their best, starting with their hair.

I currently live in Miami with my two fur babies, Wisdom and Dash, but as they can tell you, I’m usually off jet-setting around the world.


Hair Journey Pictures

Sharifa at 4
MsKibibi haircut start of journey
MsKibibi long relaxed hair