How I Blow Dry Texlaxed Hair

How I Blow Dry Texlaxed Hair »

11 Dec, 2014
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Here’s a short video showing how I blow dry my texlaxed hair.

I Co-Washed!

I Co-Washed! »

5 Jan, 2012
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Breakage and shedding after air-dry mishap On Tuesday, I shared about my air-dry bantu knot malfunction. Well last night I sprayed my hair with aloe vera juice, gently detangled and twisted my hair to go to bed. I experienced more breakage than I’m comfortable with along with normal shedding. On Wednesday morning, I untwisted my

Advanced Tension Blow Dry Method

Advanced Tension Blow Dry Method »

21 Nov, 2011
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Before When I washed my hair yesterday, I decided to use a paddle brush and blow dryer concentrator attachment to do the tension blow dry method. Using the paddle brush is “advanced” because there is an increased chance for breakage and tangling if too much tension is applied. After First, I parted small horizontal sections of

Tension Blow Dry Method

Tension Blow Dry Method »

25 May, 2011
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Roots before tension blow dry method Back in March, my stylist suggested that I stretch my relaxers, and throughly detangle my roots during the stretch. I am 9 weeks post and my roots are a force to be reckoned with at this point. I usually avoid manipulating my new-growth, but Reniece pointed out that doing so would

How I Blow Dry with Comb Attachment

How I Blow Dry with Comb Attachment »

1 Aug, 2010
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How I Blow Dry With A Diffuser

How I Blow Dry With A Diffuser »

11 Apr, 2010
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Here is a quick video showing how I use a diffuser to speed up my air drying process.I’m currently at 11 weeks post my last relaxer.  My roots are insanely thick right now, so I plan to do my relaxer next weekend.