Keep Hair Straight After Workout [No Heat]

Keep Hair Straight After Workout [No Heat] »

1 Oct, 2015
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Health before hair!..But keep your hair looking fab. Here is one technique to maintain straight hair after working out without using heat. I’m going to try different techniques to figure out what works best for my hair. I’ve been doing the Vixen Workout, which is a high cardio workout based on dance moves. Essentially, it’s

My First Dressage Show!

My First Dressage Show! »

25 Apr, 2012
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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you already know that I went to my first Dressage show this weekend! I had an amazing experience and actually came in 4th place (out of 7 riders) for my test. Here is the video from my ride.The photographer hasn’t posted the pictures yet, so I’ll

Riding Update: 6 Months of Lessons

Riding Update: 6 Months of Lessons »

8 May, 2011
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I’m posting this video here for my mom because she’s having a hard time finding it on YouTube. This is after 6 months of riding lessons. Enjoy Mommy!

Q&A: Horseback Riding

Q&A: Horseback Riding »

19 Feb, 2011
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A few people have asked me to share about my horseback riding lessons.  So I hope this is helpful. My first time on/around horses. May 2008 What got you started? The first time I ever rode a horse was for my birthday in 2008.  It was a little intimidating at first because horses are such

Wigs and Working Out

Wigs and Working Out »

31 Jan, 2011
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Now that my winter wig regimen is in full swing, I’ve had to decide how to wear my hair when I exercise.  I’ll share what I do and then I’ll offer some alternative suggestions. For ballet class: I remove the wig, unbraid the cornrows, and put my hair in a high bun.  Last winter, I actually

Hair before Health?

Hair before Health? »

17 Aug, 2010
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Absolutely not! I know for some women, there is a conflict between looking fabulous and getting sufficient exercise. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can maintain your overall health and grow your hair if you plan properly. Personally, I find the gym boring, so I prefer to take classes (ballet, horseback riding)