I Finished My First Competition!

I Finished My First Competition! »

22 Apr, 2015
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Hello loves… Just a quick update. I finally competed in my first bikini bodybuilding competition and I came, drum roll…. 5th in the Bikini over 35 category!!! I competed with about 35 other women in that category. I was also in the bikini tall category with about 50 other women and I didn’t place in

‘Twas 2 Days Before Competition

‘Twas 2 Days Before Competition »

17 Apr, 2015
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Hello Loves! I have to apologize for having gone missing since my last post. I didn’t know how hard things will be for me during the last weeks of competition. So here I am sitting in my hotel 2 days out from competing. I am tired yet excited, I thought maybe I should do a

Why You Shouldn’t Make New Years Resolutions

Why You Shouldn’t Make New Years Resolutions »

1 Jan, 2015
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Happy New Year! The new year is always an exciting time. We all like the idea of turning the page and starting fresh. This is a milestone where you can work to improve yourself personally, professionally and spiritually. But before you get too carried away with “New Year, New Me,” here’s why you should not

Flax Seed Gel Perm Rod Set: No Heat Curls »

23 May, 2014
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Hair Challenge Update Its been a few days over two months since I started my 4 months hair challenge.  In that blog post, I promised to do some amazing things like biweekly tea rinses, etc.  The truth is, the only thing I have been consistent with, is taking my vitamins and working out daily. Nonetheless,

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals »

16 Jan, 2013
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Happy New Years, Ladies!! Cheers to what 2013 has in store! This holiday season I had an amazing time with friends and family and being able to relax a bit. Along the way I had some major hair changes. At 8 weeks post relaxer, I relaxed again just before the New Year. Things went off well