How to Lightly Flat Iron Coarse Hair

How to Lightly Flat Iron Coarse Hair »

16 Feb, 2016
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Here's a quick video on how I lightly flat iron my coarse hair. Coarse hair requires extra TLC to prevent breakage. Before I flat iron my hair, I always blow dry. You can watch my current blow dry technique here.
Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful

Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful »

26 Nov, 2013
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Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful

Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful »

25 Nov, 2013
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Steam Roller Style

Steam Roller Style »

18 Dec, 2012
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My last post was about my fave No Heat Style. As much as I love the braid out, sometimes I want to wear my hair straight. However, flat ironing is not an option I want to go to weekly. Keeping heat and manipulation to a minimum has been one of my keys to growth. Enter…the

Professional vs. Drugstore Hair Dryers

Professional vs. Drugstore Hair Dryers »

20 Nov, 2011
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Image Source I’m considering getting a professional hair dryer. The Revlon hair dryer I have now is great, but it is not as powerful as a professional brand. I bought mine at Walmart several years ago for less than $30. The hair dryer that I’m considering is made by Sedu and retails for $159. My

Before and After: 20 Minutes Hair Style

Before and After: 20 Minutes Hair Style »

25 Sep, 2011
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Before Here’s a quick preview of the hair style I wore yesterday. I did a bantu knot out on Thursday night, but got caught in the rain on Friday. So the “Before” picture is how my hair looked at the end of the day. After The “After” picture is 20 minutes after I used my

Previously, on Kibibi Hair…

Previously, on Kibibi Hair… »

21 Jun, 2011
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Here are three of the most popular posts from this time last year…1. Splitting with Split Ends2. Hair S.O.S. – “I did my relaxer and now my hair is breaking!”3. Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

When Animals Attack…

When Animals Attack… »

27 Feb, 2011
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Hair tools, that is.  I left my comb on the foyer table, and Wisdom managed to reach up there and get it. He is a power chewer and really likes to chew on hard plastics (or completely destroy stuff toys).  As you can imagine the plastic comb was right up his alley. Fortunately, he didn’t

Claw Clip Replacement

Claw Clip Replacement »

16 Oct, 2010
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In my October Hair Update, I mentioned that my stylist noticed some breakage around the back of my head. I suspected that the breakage was due to the claw clips I used to secure my hair in a loose high bun while at home. To be safe I decided to stop using those clips, and

Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair »

9 Apr, 2010
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 My hair steamer Hi friends! When I started my hair journey, I used different forms of heat to deep condition my hair.  Including a hood dryer, and heat cap.  After I learned about the benefits of using steam over using a dryer/heat cap, I decided to buy a hair steamer.Hair steamers are more beneficial because