Why I Don’t Want to go Natural

Why I Don’t Want to go Natural »

3 Nov, 2014
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In the past week, I’ve had three different people ask me why I haven’t gone natural. Since I have a hair care business, I am open to answering any questions about my hair. But I do have two distinct and varying feelings about being asked. On one hand, I understand the reason for the question. Natural hair

Introducing MsMartini: Hair Story (Part 2) »

23 Nov, 2013
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Click here to read Part 1. It was my 26 birthday, my hair was looking extremely healthy but I wanted a different look… lol, I wanted to look like a grown woman…(whatever that means) I took my braids out and called the salon for a hair appointment.  I wanted to do something drastic… So, I

Introducing MsMartini: My Hair Story (Part 1) »

15 Nov, 2013
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Hi Ladies! I’m Ms.Marty (short for Martini) a talker …lol  I couldn’t figure out how to make my hair story shorter so I broke it down into two parts… Although I am not a Beauty Blogger, I am the Founder & Editor of Weaffair the Blog.  Currently I reside in Springfield Oregon with my husband

MsClaire’s Hair Story

MsClaire’s Hair Story »

22 Jan, 2013
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In the community that I grew up in, hair has always been a big deal, and I remember as a child how I craved to have “good” hair like some of my friends. My hair’s natural texture is a thick 3c/4a and as a young blood my mom took care of it. I still remember

MsMona: My Hair Story

MsMona: My Hair Story »

16 Oct, 2012
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I first got my hair chemically altered around 2001, with a mild texturizer. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my texturized hair but it was basically straight with a lot of texture to it (kind of how texlaxed hair looks when it is left to air-dry). Instead of my usual braids, and twists, I

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 3

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 3 »

13 Oct, 2012
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Back to the Dark Times…I moved back home and began a grad school program. I went back to my regular stylist. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from staying with her very long. I found another stylist, who was recommended by a friend, that I was satisfied with. I wanted something different so I got her to

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 2

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 2 »

12 Oct, 2012
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I again decided that I wanted to try self-styling. I got the washing portion under better control, but self-relaxing I would not, could not build up the courage to do myself. I continued to go to various stylists for relaxers and in between I would take care of things myself. I had a roommate who had a

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 1

MsZoe’s Hair Saga, Part 1 »

11 Oct, 2012
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Hey Everybody! I’m super excited to be here. I am Ms. Zoe and I’m a next addition to this lovely blog. I am a hair loving lady that can be long winded at times (I’m working on that, *wink*). I want to learn from you readers as much as I want to talk about all things

To Be or Not To Be? Natural That Is…

To Be or Not To Be? Natural That Is… »

6 Nov, 2011
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A few people have asked me about whether I’m interested in going natural. I am absolutely open minded to going natural but at thi