Video: Long Natural & Relaxed Hair

Video: Long Natural & Relaxed Hair »

2 Mar, 2013
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  My stylist Reniece just posted a video showcasing the hair journey of a few of her clients, including yours truly. The video also features an illustrative curl pattern chart. Determining your curl pattern is helpful when selecting the products and styling techniques work best to achieve your desired hair style.       The

Curls and Coils: Pictures of My Wet Hair

Curls and Coils: Pictures of My Wet Hair »

10 May, 2011
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Here are some pictures of my wet hair. I detangled with whatever conditioner was in the shower. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to detangle from the twist out. The hardest part was untwisting my hair to make the twist out. I washed with Kinky Curly Come Clean. Left in the Kinky Curly Knot Today. Natural highlights

Hair Texture: Before & After Flat Ironing

Hair Texture: Before & After Flat Ironing »

4 May, 2011
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Before, with flash I went to Miami this past weekend for my cousin’s wedding. On Saturday, I went to the welcome reception, but didn’t have time to thoroughly flat iron my hair. So instead of doing small sections for silkier results, I did large sections to save time. On the day of the event, I

12 Weeks Post Relaxer

12 Weeks Post Relaxer »

20 Apr, 2010
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Hi friends!For the ladies who relax their hair – have you ever noticed that when it is one week away from doing a touch up your scalp decides to rebel?  Well that was my scalp this past weekend.  I had every intention of relaxing my hair at 12 weeks post, but my scalp rebelled.  So

My Natural Texture

My Natural Texture »

15 Mar, 2010
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Hi ladies,In this video I show pictures of my natural hair, new growth, and texlaxed texture. The pictures speak for themselves but I’ll reiterate that my natural texture is very coarse and thick. I do have some fine strands mixed in, but most people have a blend of strand thickness and softness/coarseness. My hair has