Setbacks & Triumphs

Setbacks & Triumphs »

4 Aug, 2013
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In the past 8 months, my life has been a super crazy whirlwind. I started the year confused and with a broken heart due to the break-up of my best friend/boyfriend, but with the help of friends, a new guy friend, and my never-slackening school work, I was able to pull through that pain. Additionally,

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals »

16 Jan, 2013
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Happy New Years, Ladies!! Cheers to what 2013 has in store! This holiday season I had an amazing time with friends and family and being able to relax a bit. Along the way I had some major hair changes. At 8 weeks post relaxer, I relaxed again just before the New Year. Things went off well

So, I Gave Myself a Haircut

So, I Gave Myself a Haircut »

22 Jun, 2012
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A very unscientific length check So I decided to cut my hair. I felt it was getting a little unruly and needed to be shaped up. Here are the pictures showing how I did it.  I had to put conditioner in my hair so I could comb through it. My best attempt at “sexy face”.

I Have Split Ends

I Have Split Ends »

20 Dec, 2011
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Click to enlarge No matter how healthy your hair or your hair habits, split ends are a reality of most people with relaxed and natural hair. It has been several months since I’ve done a “Search and destroy” for split ends. So when I washed my hair this past weekend, I decided it was a

Waist Length! (And a Hair Cut)

Waist Length! (And a Hair Cut) »

26 Jun, 2011
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Blow dried, before hair cut If you follow me on Facebook, then you may already know that I reached waist length after my relaxer yesterday. But I was waist length for less than 5 minutes because I promptly got a 3″ haircut. My hair is now full mid back length and I am back to having thick

Previously, on Kibibi Hair…

Previously, on Kibibi Hair… »

21 Jun, 2011
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Here are three of the most popular posts from this time last year…1. Splitting with Split Ends2. Hair S.O.S. – “I did my relaxer and now my hair is breaking!”3. Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

Somebody, Hide The Scissors

Somebody, Hide The Scissors »

3 May, 2011
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Before I washed my hair last Friday and after I blow dried it, I decided to trim a little off the ends. So much for my trim schedule LOL. I took about 1/2″ off so its not a major trim by any stretch of the imagination. It was a quick decision, so I was not as

My Hair: One Year Ago

My Hair: One Year Ago »

12 Jan, 2011
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Blow dried hair. January, 2010 The longest my hair has ever been is a few inches below waist length.  Unfortunately, it was that long for a very short time.  I didn’t like how my ends looked.  So my husband gave me a trim which put me back to waist length. Come to think of it,

Relaxer and Hair Cut Pictures

Relaxer and Hair Cut Pictures »

11 Oct, 2010
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If you follow me on my Facebook Page, then you already know that I cut another 2″ when I did my relaxer yesterday.  I’m very excited about getting my blunt ends back, and don’t plan to trim at all next year.  That’s the only way I will make my goal of waist length hair by

Splitting with Split Ends

Splitting with Split Ends »

6 Jul, 2010
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 Hi friends!I’d venture to say that split ends are a reality for anyone who uses heat, combs daily, or has chemically processed hair (relaxed or colored).  You might even have split ends when you don’t do any of the above.  My sister is natural and doesn’t use heat, yet her split ends have split ends