Watch Beyonce’s “Formation” + Hair Style Details

Watch Beyonce’s “Formation” + Hair Style Details »

7 Feb, 2016
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Watch Beyonce's "Formation" + Hair Style Details I'm an 80s baby. This means that I spent my teenage years in the 1990s. There's something very special about the era that you hit puberty, become of age, and "find yourself." We all remember high school as being the most formative years of our lives. Well a
Take 2: Curlformers on Natural Hair

Take 2: Curlformers on Natural Hair »

1 Feb, 2015
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Last week, I asked you guys for advice for my sister. She used curlformers for the first time (actually, it’s the first time she’s used anything to set her hair but I digress HAHA). You can read that post here. You ladies offered great advice and this weekend she tried again and had better results.

OMG My Natural Sister Used Curlformers!

OMG My Natural Sister Used Curlformers! »

21 Jan, 2015
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Yesterday my sister sent me pictures of her using Curlformers. My response was “Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” I honestly thought it was an instance of body snatching. If you’ve seen my recent video about her hair and regimen, you’ll understand my shock. She barely combs her hair into

Black Women with Real, Long Hair [Video]

Black Women with Real, Long Hair [Video] »

19 May, 2014
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Starting today, I’m going to post stories and videos of other women who have achieved healthy, long hair (both natural and relaxed). My hope is that by showcasing other women, you’ll get inspiration from someone other than me. Sometimes women say to me that because I grew my hair to waist length, they feel that

Happy Mother’s Day + My Mom’s Hair »

11 May, 2014
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Happy Mother’s Day! I wanted to do a special feature on my mom’s hair and her hair journey for Mother’s Day. My mom hair has been relaxed for most of her life. But a couple years ago she decided to transition to natural hair. Unlike my coarse hair, my mom has very fine, soft strands

My Hair Today

My Hair Today »

13 May, 2012
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Me and hubby …well technically yesterday.  My brother-in-law graduated from college yesterday (Woohoo!) and this is how I wore my hair. It’s been two weeks since my relaxer and I have yet to wash my hair. I plan to wash it today after my riding lesson. Me and my not-so-little brother Right now, my hair is a little very

My Hair Today

My Hair Today »

30 Apr, 2012
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I’m keeping it pretty simple today and just wearing my hair down. The pin straight look isn’t going to last long though because I like lots of body. So I will likely add some curls in a couples of days. I’m tempted to get a set of hot rollers. I love my steam rollers but

Throwback Hair Picture: Braid Out

Throwback Hair Picture: Braid Out »

24 Nov, 2011
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Here’s a picture of my braid out in August 2008. This was taken one month before my stylist induced setback. My hair had a blunt cut and was mid back length. I’m still trying to get my hair back to this thickness. This was my regimen during that time: Wash day: pre-poo treatment with hot

Style Tip: Bantu Knot Out

Style Tip: Bantu Knot Out »

23 Nov, 2011
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Hubby and I are on vacation this week and I plan to wear a Bantu knot out during the week. Here’s a tip for a natural looking style:Use your finger or a comb to make zig-zag parts between the knots. This way when you take down the knots and fluff out your hair, the parts

Beach Regimen

Beach Regimen »

29 Mar, 2011
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The benefit of doing this style was that it kept my hair tangle free while in the water.  It also kept me cooler in the hot sun. If I wore my hair down, I would have been very hot and uncomfortable with my hair sticking to my skin. In retrospect, I should have applied conditioner