Our First Couple Vacation to Jamaica

Our First Couple Vacation to Jamaica »

11 Jan, 2016
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We took our first couple vacation to Jamaica, mon! Yes, I get to be cliche about Jamaica because I was born and raised in Jamaica. (smile) Jer and I took a mini vacation to Jamaica. This was his first trip to Jamaica and our first couple vacation. Taking vacations with your new beau is a
My Newest Hair Fascinator

My Newest Hair Fascinator »

30 Mar, 2012
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I love hair fascinators and wish I could wear them more often. Sadly, such hair accessories are frowned upon in a corporate work environment. I bought this fascinator to wear to my grandmother’s funeral this past weekend. I’m not sure what the age is when women can start wearing hats to church, so I opted for a veiled

Kinky Hair Pride!

Kinky Hair Pride! »

30 Mar, 2012
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MsNastassja and I were in Jamaica last week for our paternal grandmother’s funeral. It was a bitter sweet trip, but I’m happy we both got to spend quality time and reconnect with our family.She wore her Kinky Hair Grows shirt and reenacted one of her favorite childhood poses in front of our house. We took

Hair Styles I Wore in Jamaica

Hair Styles I Wore in Jamaica »

5 Apr, 2011
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Curly style for wedding (more pictures to come) Vacations are often a challenging time for hair styles. Even with limited styling tools and resources, your styles don’t have to be limited also. While in Jamaica, I wore a variety of styles based on the day’s plan and the weather.  When it was extremely hot (as

Jamaican Tag Video

Jamaican Tag Video »

30 Mar, 2011
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Jamaican Tag

Jamaican Tag »

30 Mar, 2011
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The Fruits of My Labor

The Fruits of My Labor »

26 Mar, 2011
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I love fruits and when I’m in Jamaica I eat as much as I can. The best fruits are the fresh fruits that you can pick and eat immediately. My dad has quite a green thumb, so we have a several fruit and vegetable trees in our backyard. The same is true for my parent’s

Lobster Patty Anyone?

Lobster Patty Anyone? »

25 Mar, 2011
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Yesterday, we went to the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House for ice cream. Devon House Bakery makes a lobster patty which I had to try. It was delicious. Lobster patty Yummy! For breakfast this morning, we had Spratt (fish), bammy and plantains. Spratt is my favorite fish, followed by Red Snapper. I only eat

Food, Flowers, and Fruits, Part 1

Food, Flowers, and Fruits, Part 1 »

24 Mar, 2011
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MsNastassja was not able to come to Jamaica with us because of school. I want her to feel included, so I’m taking lots of pictures for her to see. I hope you enjoy the pictures also. Jerk Chicken and Festival from Island Grill Fried Fish and Festival at Gloria’s restaurant in Port Royal Fried dumplings,

J.A.M. Jamaica!

J.A.M. Jamaica! »

22 Mar, 2011
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Rosa Thorn plant in the garden  We made it to Jamaica safe and sound. I literally cried when I got home. There is nothing like coming home to the house that you grew up in. Where you have memories of falling down and scraping your knees, climbing trees to pick mangoes, or sitting on the