First Look | Relaxer Update

First Look | Relaxer Update »

29 Jan, 2015
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Here’s a video of my hair a few hours after I left the salon. I will do another video this weekend. Did you get your hair relaxed this week? How did it go?

Hair Length Check – 6 Months

Hair Length Check – 6 Months »

3 Oct, 2014
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I’m doing my hair challenge reveal a couple weeks early because I’m so excited about my progress.

My Relaxed Hair: From Chin Length to Below Waist

My Relaxed Hair: From Chin Length to Below Waist »

2 May, 2014
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Here’s a quick video on my hair journey from chin length to below waist length to present. I’ll post details about each setback soon.

“You Have Long Hair”

“You Have Long Hair” »

26 Jun, 2013
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Today at the office, a woman said to me “You have long hair.”  It took me a second to realize that she was talking to me, so she repeated her comment. I actually looked around to make sure she was talking to me and then I thanked her. In my mind, my hair is not as

Grow 6″ of Hair in 1 Year

Grow 6″ of Hair in 1 Year »

1 Jan, 2013
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April’s testimony about how she went from big chop to armpit length in 1 year after reading The 5 Hair Archetypes. Available at International orders available at

MsKibibi Hair Update

MsKibibi Hair Update »

7 Dec, 2012
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Updates on my book, book events and magazine feature.

The Secret to Growing Black Hair

The Secret to Growing Black Hair »

22 Oct, 2012
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Relaxer Update Pictures

Relaxer Update Pictures »

6 Feb, 2012
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Relaxer Preview Video

Relaxer Preview Video »

22 Jan, 2012
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Heating Things Up (sort of)

Heating Things Up (sort of) »

15 Nov, 2011
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Well, I did it. I straightened my hair. See, what had happened was… I was getting very frustrated with the length of my hair. With shrinkage, you can’t even tell the difference in the length between now and maybe 2 years ago. At least that’s how it seems (I can probably dig up some pictures