Regimen and Products for Long Hair

Regimen and Products for Long Hair »

25 Apr, 2016
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The first step to me growing long hair is having a comprehensive regimen and products for long hair. This includes a cleaners, protein treatment (depends on porosity), moisturizing conditioner, and daily moisturizer. All the fun products related to styling are icing on the cake. But the basics are needed to grow long hair. Here's a
Product Haul [New Regimen]

Product Haul [New Regimen] »

8 Nov, 2014
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My sister and I went shopping! See what new products I bought to use in my real hair and on my kinky curly wig.

10 Products for the Top 5 Hair Issues »

7 Oct, 2014
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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by MsKibibi and originally published on October 6, 2014 on The COCO Magazine] There will be times along your hair journey that you experience specific issues that your current regimen or products don’t seem to address. These issues can range from increased shedding and breakage to slower growth rate.

3 Ways ‘Spring Cleaning’ Benefits Your Hair »

28 Apr, 2014
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  For most of us in the States, Spring is in full bloom (sorry, north easterners I know that winter has been eternal for you all). With Spring comes the need for ‘Spring cleaning,’ which can often seem like a daunting task. When you do your Spring cleaning, don’t forgot to clean out your hair

Hair Maintenance On A Budget »

13 Dec, 2013
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Around the web we have access to some great reviews on some amazing hair products for $20 $30 and beyond. But lets be honest, we can’t all afford those products and for some even 7 and 8 dollars can seem a bit much when your budget is limited. Being on a hair journey does not

A Rant about my Leave-Ins (Or Lack Thereof)

A Rant about my Leave-Ins (Or Lack Thereof) »

9 Sep, 2013
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Where the hell are my leave-ins going?!?! As mentioned in my first post, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector was my staple leave in. Later when they changed the packaging and name to Touchably Smooth Split End Protector, I stayed with the product. For two reasons: 1) the formula change had no effect

My Current Regimen

My Current Regimen »

23 Oct, 2012
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I found it extremely important at the beginning of my HHJ to be observant of all my hair’s parameters. Things like how much do I usually shed, how much breakage am I experiencing, do I have issues with dryness/stiffness/mushy hair, what areas of my hair are struggling, etc. Once I tuned in to these criteria,

3 Great Co-wash Conditioners

3 Great Co-wash Conditioners »

5 Oct, 2012
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I love this brand and use a few of their products. The CHI Nourish Intense conditioner left my hair feeling soft and smelling like peaches. I did a full review on this product here.  You can buy this product at WalMart and select Marshalls. I’ve been using Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture conditioner off-and-on since the

Ms. Ashley’s Regimen

Ms. Ashley’s Regimen »

15 Sep, 2012
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I was naïve to the level of devotion to hair care that it takes to have what I wanted until recently. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how much effort it took to maintain health and shine to long hair.   Mostly I’d just spray down with some oil sheen if

How to Add New Products to Your Regimen

How to Add New Products to Your Regimen »

13 Apr, 2012
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New product I plan to try We all love the thrill of trying new products. The promise of using something innovative that could potentially deliver soft, manageable, shiny hair is alluring. Well before you slather your strands with that promising new product, take the following steps to ensure you have a successful experience. First, check the