3 Mistakes When Going Natural

3 Mistakes When Going Natural »

26 Oct, 2016
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You may be thinking about going natural or you may have already begun the process. Perhaps your have the desire to experiment on your new hair journey, but their are some things that you must keep in mind along the way. As your learn to care for your natural hair, you will likely experience some
Braids for Lace Front Wig

Braids for Lace Front Wig »

21 Oct, 2015
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I love wearing wigs to protect and grow my real hair. The first step to a healthy wig regimen is braiding your real hair to be worn under the wig. In this video above, I show the braid pattern that I use.
A Rant about my Leave-Ins (Or Lack Thereof)

A Rant about my Leave-Ins (Or Lack Thereof) »

9 Sep, 2013
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Where the hell are my leave-ins going?!?! As mentioned in my first post, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector was my staple leave in. Later when they changed the packaging and name to Touchably Smooth Split End Protector, I stayed with the product. For two reasons: 1) the formula change had no effect

My Current Regimen

My Current Regimen »

23 Oct, 2012
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I found it extremely important at the beginning of my HHJ to be observant of all my hair’s parameters. Things like how much do I usually shed, how much breakage am I experiencing, do I have issues with dryness/stiffness/mushy hair, what areas of my hair are struggling, etc. Once I tuned in to these criteria,