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17 Jan, 2014
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  Ever did a beautiful style only to notice residue all over your hair as if you had not previously cleansed your hair? I used to suffer from Dry and Flaky scalp as well. Here are my five favorite  household products to help combat this issue:     Baking soda- Diluted with water, it makes

Scalp Treatment – Lisa’s Hair Elixir

Scalp Treatment – Lisa’s Hair Elixir »

1 Aug, 2013
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  Lisas Hair Elixir Scalp And Hair Oil Treatment • Peppermint Essential Oil rejuvenates your ha… [More] Price: 20.00 Buy Now *Please note that I recorded this video in April.*

All Natural Scalp Treatment

All Natural Scalp Treatment »

16 Dec, 2012
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A healthy scalp is a happy scalp. A happy scalp is fertile ground for optimal hair growth rate. Scalp treatments are one way to keep your scalp healthy and happy. Some benefits of scalp treatments include: increased circulation to the hair follicles which promotes growth, gentle remove debris and buildup, and alleviate dandruff Here’s an

Pre-Shampoo Steam Treatment

Pre-Shampoo Steam Treatment »

21 Nov, 2011
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My wrist finally felt well enough for me to wash my hair. If you were counting, that means I went 3 weeks without washing my hair. Needless to say, my scalp was icky.Although I’ve been using the Neutrogena T-Sal Shampoo as needed to remove and prevent scalp build-up, I was pretty confident that even this

Sulfur Scalp/Growth Mix

Sulfur Scalp/Growth Mix »

10 Feb, 2011
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As I shared in my Winter Wig Regimen video, I use a sulfur coconut oil mix on my scalp during the winter months.  For me, the sulfur prevents my scalp from being itchy and flaky.  It is also a popular ingredient in growth aid products.   While I have used sulfur for several years, I