Setbacks & Triumphs

Setbacks & Triumphs »

4 Aug, 2013
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In the past 8 months, my life has been a super crazy whirlwind. I started the year confused and with a broken heart due to the break-up of my best friend/boyfriend, but with the help of friends, a new guy friend, and my never-slackening school work, I was able to pull through that pain. Additionally,

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals

Choppity, Chop, Chop and Hair Goals »

16 Jan, 2013
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Happy New Years, Ladies!! Cheers to what 2013 has in store! This holiday season I had an amazing time with friends and family and being able to relax a bit. Along the way I had some major hair changes. At 8 weeks post relaxer, I relaxed again just before the New Year. Things went off well

So, I Gave Myself a Haircut

So, I Gave Myself a Haircut »

22 Jun, 2012
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A very unscientific length check So I decided to cut my hair. I felt it was getting a little unruly and needed to be shaped up. Here are the pictures showing how I did it.  I had to put conditioner in my hair so I could comb through it. My best attempt at “sexy face”.

I Have Split Ends

I Have Split Ends »

20 Dec, 2011
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Click to enlarge No matter how healthy your hair or your hair habits, split ends are a reality of most people with relaxed and natural hair. It has been several months since I’ve done a “Search and destroy” for split ends. So when I washed my hair this past weekend, I decided it was a

My Inadvertent “Bangs”

My Inadvertent “Bangs” »

15 Nov, 2011
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It occurred to me at my last relaxer that the front pieces of my hair were significantly shorter than the rest of my hair. I wasn’t sure why, but then I realized the cause this past week.I wear contacts during the day, but as soon as I get home I switch to my glasses. Sometimes when I

Waist Length! (And a Hair Cut)

Waist Length! (And a Hair Cut) »

26 Jun, 2011
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Blow dried, before hair cut If you follow me on Facebook, then you may already know that I reached waist length after my relaxer yesterday. But I was waist length for less than 5 minutes because I promptly got a 3″ haircut. My hair is now full mid back length and I am back to having thick

Previously, on Kibibi Hair…

Previously, on Kibibi Hair… »

21 Jun, 2011
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Here are three of the most popular posts from this time last year…1. Splitting with Split Ends2. Hair S.O.S. – “I did my relaxer and now my hair is breaking!”3. Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

Somebody, Hide The Scissors

Somebody, Hide The Scissors »

3 May, 2011
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Before I washed my hair last Friday and after I blow dried it, I decided to trim a little off the ends. So much for my trim schedule LOL. I took about 1/2″ off so its not a major trim by any stretch of the imagination. It was a quick decision, so I was not as

My Hair: One Year Ago

My Hair: One Year Ago »

12 Jan, 2011
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Blow dried hair. January, 2010 The longest my hair has ever been is a few inches below waist length.  Unfortunately, it was that long for a very short time.  I didn’t like how my ends looked.  So my husband gave me a trim which put me back to waist length. Come to think of it,

Relaxer and Hair Cut Pictures

Relaxer and Hair Cut Pictures »

11 Oct, 2010
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If you follow me on my Facebook Page, then you already know that I cut another 2″ when I did my relaxer yesterday.  I’m very excited about getting my blunt ends back, and don’t plan to trim at all next year.  That’s the only way I will make my goal of waist length hair by