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23 May, 2014
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Hair Challenge Update Its been a few days over two months since I started my 4 months hair challenge.  In that blog post, I promised to do some amazing things like biweekly tea rinses, etc.  The truth is, the only thing I have been consistent with, is taking my vitamins and working out daily. Nonetheless,

Shedding postpartum

Shedding postpartum »

14 Mar, 2014
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I recently stopped nursing my baby boy who is now 16 months old and to my dismay, my hair went on a shedding frenzy. Initially I started panicking, but I got a grip of myself and began my research. I soon found out that Excessive shedding was common amongst women postpartum. Here’s the deal during

Seasonal Shedding

Seasonal Shedding »

1 Sep, 2011
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Shedding from last September Hi everyone!My apologies for the break between posts. I’ve been working on a few things for the book and career wise.  But I should be back to posting regularly after next week.I’ve been experiencing increased shedding since about last week. You may recall that this time last year, I also had

How Much Shedding is Normal?

How Much Shedding is Normal? »

23 May, 2011
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Shedded hair after 2 weeks Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. Everyone sheds between 50 to 100 strands per day. Shedded hair is distinguished by a strand with a white build on the end. The length of the hair can vary depending on where it has shed from. Therefore, not all

Recent Excess Shedding: Seasonal Change or Minor Setback?

Recent Excess Shedding: Seasonal Change or Minor Setback? »

15 Sep, 2010
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Last week I shared a mini update on my hair about how I experienced excess shedding. At the time I wasn’t too concerned about it, but after I deep conditioned again this weekend, my hair felt very different. I washed and deep conditioned with my staple products, according to my normal routine. However, this time