Winter Steam Hair Challenge

Winter Steam Hair Challenge »

7 Jan, 2016
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First hair challenge of 2016! Let's turn up the steam to pump up the moisture that our hair desperately needs in the winter. Steam has several benefits including helping your conditioner work better, and stimulating hair growth. Read up on all the benefits of steam here.  
Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful

Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% off Huetiful »

25 Nov, 2013
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Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% Off Huetiful

Hair Steamer for Healthier Hair + 10% Off Huetiful »

25 Nov, 2013
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Learn why I use a hair steamer to deep condition my hair. Take the Huetiful 60 Day Challenge and get your own steamer at . Save 10% off the purchase price with the promo code: KibibiChallenge60XR. (Note – I edited the video to include the updated promo code)

Steam Roller Style

Steam Roller Style »

18 Dec, 2012
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My last post was about my fave No Heat Style. As much as I love the braid out, sometimes I want to wear my hair straight. However, flat ironing is not an option I want to go to weekly. Keeping heat and manipulation to a minimum has been one of my keys to growth. Enter…the

Pre-Shampoo Steam Treatment

Pre-Shampoo Steam Treatment »

21 Nov, 2011
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My wrist finally felt well enough for me to wash my hair. If you were counting, that means I went 3 weeks without washing my hair. Needless to say, my scalp was icky.Although I’ve been using the Neutrogena T-Sal Shampoo as needed to remove and prevent scalp build-up, I was pretty confident that even this

Hair Care on the Go

Hair Care on the Go »

31 Oct, 2011
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This weekend, hubby and I attended a beautiful wedding a few hours from where we live. The wedding was on Saturday and we drove up on Friday night. Unfortunately, my hair was a mess from riding on Thursday, and I didn’t have time to wash it before we left. So I washed my hair at

20 Minutes Hair Style Recap

20 Minutes Hair Style Recap »

25 Sep, 2011
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On Friday, my hubby and I attended a special prom for teens with terminal cancer. It was an amazing event complete with police escorted limos, red carpet with “paparazzi” photographers, and of course the crowning of the king and queen. I cried a few times during the night just seeing them enjoy themselves. It was a

Huetiful Hair Steamer Review (Video)

Huetiful Hair Steamer Review (Video) »

5 Aug, 2011
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Huetiful Hair Steamer

Huetiful Hair Steamer »

18 Jul, 2011
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A representative from Huetiful contacted me about doing a review on their Huetiful Hair Steamer! I was very excited that they wanted to hear my opinion, so I agreed to use the steamer and post a video review. I just received the steamer and will use it this weekend when I wash my hair. The

Wavy Hair Style with Steam Rollers

Wavy Hair Style with Steam Rollers »

14 Apr, 2010
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Steam rollers are quick way to style your hair, without worrying about the damaging effects of direct heat from a curling/flat iron.In this video, I show how to achieve a wavy hairstyle on air dried hair.  You can use the same technique on flat ironed or roller set hair for a much sleeker wavy look.