It’s been a while, since I’m twisted!

It’s been a while, since I’m twisted! »

19 Sep, 2013
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Hi there ladies Yes, it has been a while, and partly because my hairlife is quite simple at the moment. I had twists installed and have had them in a little over three weeks now. It’s the first time that I’m wearing twists and one thing that I’ve noticed is that my hair grows faster

Tip of The Week: Wash Day Detangling

Tip of The Week: Wash Day Detangling »

24 Apr, 2012
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13 weeks post relaxer To help reduce tangling on wash day, I wash my hair in braids. Normally, I do 8 braids total. However, during this long stretch (and with skipping wash day last week), I needed more control of my roots while detangling to minimize breakage. 8 braids on one side So I tried

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave…

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave… »

23 Apr, 2012
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When we decide to skip wash day at 12 weeks post relaxer. The past two weeks have been extra busy with the book tasks and my first riding show. So I decided to skip wash day last week in part because I was simply exhausted. My relaxer appointment is on Saturday, so I must wash

Relaxer Prep – The Night Before

Relaxer Prep – The Night Before »

21 Jan, 2012
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If you follow me on Twitter (@kibibihair) then you already know that I am in DC to get my relaxer done. To prep for my relaxer, I used the following products and techniques. First, I gently sectioned my hair using vertical parts. I parted with my fingers instead of a comb. One thing I learned

Shea, Oh Shea [Butter]!

Shea, Oh Shea [Butter]! »

20 Jan, 2012
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I love shea butter for the wintertime. It is thick and heavy, which is perfect for sealing in my moisturizer. I completely forgot that I had some pure shea butter that I bought from a couple of years ago. It occurred to me this week that it was still packed in a box. So

Relaxer in T Minus 7 Days!

Relaxer in T Minus 7 Days! »

14 Jan, 2012
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11 weeks of newgrowth, I will relax at 14 weeks If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I got extremely sick this past week. I’m not back to 100% yet, but I am feeling much better.My relaxer is next week Saturday and I’m beyond excited. I will find out whether I

Lessons from this Relaxer Stretch

Lessons from this Relaxer Stretch »

9 Jan, 2012
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11 weeks of newgrowth After each relaxer stretch, I learn something new about my hair and how best to retain length. The lesson I learned from my last stretch was that 14 weeks is my absolute max. Anything beyond 14 weeks and I run the risk of damaging my hair with excessive manipulation as I try

I Co-Washed!

I Co-Washed! »

5 Jan, 2012
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Breakage and shedding after air-dry mishap On Tuesday, I shared about my air-dry bantu knot malfunction. Well last night I sprayed my hair with aloe vera juice, gently detangled and twisted my hair to go to bed. I experienced more breakage than I’m comfortable with along with normal shedding. On Wednesday morning, I untwisted my

So, I Had a Bad Hair Day

So, I Had a Bad Hair Day »

4 Jan, 2012
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Yesterday, I washed my hair and then let it air dry in bantu knots. I had the best intentions to lightly blow dry and flat iron it in the morning before I went to the office. Well, I woke up and started working on the KibibiHair Twitter account (more details to come) and that took

Back to the Future!

Back to the Future! »

6 Oct, 2011
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I moved last week and we didn’t have internet until today. One week without internet felt like living in 1999 all over again. So now I’m “back to the future” and posting will resume as normal.¬† My hair was quite neglected during the move, as I went 2 weeks without washing it. My scalp didn’t