LIVE from Reniece’s Salon

LIVE from Reniece’s Salon »

31 Aug, 2015
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  Download the FREE Periscope app Then search for KibibiHair and follow me. That’s it! My hair appt is Friday, Sept 4 at noon. I’ll broadcast before and after the appt (i’ll try during also as long as it doesn’t interrupt the appt). The app will tell you when I’m LIVE.

On Stylists… »

6 Dec, 2013
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Hi Everyone, I have been away for a long time. Life gets real, but you get through it. I have really enjoyed writing here and I plan to try this again and write more. Not a week goes by that a topic does not cross my mind and I think about how much I would

Injured Wrist + Dirty Hair = I Need a Local Stylist

Injured Wrist + Dirty Hair = I Need a Local Stylist »

10 Nov, 2011
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My wrist is still very sore, and doing simple things like turning the doorknob is painful. During times like this, I wish I had a local stylist. I haven’t had much luck finding a local stylist. The first stylist gave me a setback in one visit. The second stylist did a great job with my wash