Top 7 Causes of Hair Setbacks »

8 May, 2014
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I received several emails requests for a video detailing what caused my hair setbacks. I’ll work on that video this weekend. In the meantime, here are the top 7 causes of hair setbacks. 7. Protein overload. Many of us focus on strengthening our hair and forget that we need to balance that strength with moisture.

Your Hair is Unique! »

16 Feb, 2014
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My title might sound cliche but I am seriously reminded of the importance of remembering my strands have their own unique blend time and time again. I am still learning how to balance incorporating good advice into my hair care regimen with realizing that not everything that works for a successful hair guru is going

Home Remedies for Managing Dry and Flaky scalp »

17 Jan, 2014
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  Ever did a beautiful style only to notice residue all over your hair as if you had not previously cleansed your hair? I used to suffer from Dry and Flaky scalp as well. Here are my five favorite¬† household products to help combat this issue:     Baking soda- Diluted with water, it makes

On Stylists… »

6 Dec, 2013
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Hi Everyone, I have been away for a long time. Life gets real, but you get through it. I have really enjoyed writing here and I plan to try this again and write more. Not a week goes by that a topic does not cross my mind and I think about how much I would

Top 5 Wig Tips

Top 5 Wig Tips »

1 Nov, 2013
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2 Tips to Make a Wig Look Real

2 Tips to Make a Wig Look Real »

22 Oct, 2013
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It’s been one week since I started wearing my wig and I’m having so much fun with it. I was concerned that the heat and humidity in Miami would make wearing a wig uncomfortable but that hasn’t been in case. When wearing a wig, there’s always the challenge of making it look real.¬†Here are two

Color Treated and Relaxed….Horrible Idea or not that big a Deal?

Color Treated and Relaxed….Horrible Idea or not that big a Deal? »

19 May, 2013
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I took a while to give my views on color treated and relaxed hair because I was not sure how my hair would end up reacting to it, now that I am seriously paying attention to its health. After five months of having my highlights in, however, I am now more confident that healthy, growing

My Relaxer Stretch

My Relaxer Stretch »

23 Feb, 2013
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  Before beginning my hair journey, I once did an eight month stretch because I had intended to go back natural but then changed my mind midway. I do not remember having excessive breakage then but my hair was much cut in a bob so it was much shorter and there was not as much

What to Eat for Healthy Hair

What to Eat for Healthy Hair »

7 Feb, 2013
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We all know that healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Here’s a great chart I found on (I love that site for fashion tips) to remind us of the top foods for healthy hair. I personally love eggs and typically eat 3 eggs everyday (I remove 2 of the yolks). What are you

My Views on Salons and a Salon Recommendation (in Jamaica)

My Views on Salons and a Salon Recommendation (in Jamaica) »

20 Jan, 2013
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After my month long stay over break back home in Jamaica, I really picked up on a strong interest among my peers to grow and care for their own hair so I decided to share my experience on a great salon “The Salon “Hair and Scalp Clinic”” (on Old Hope Road) which I have been