My Sister’s Natural Hair Update

My Sister’s Natural Hair Update »

15 Apr, 2016
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It's been a long time since I've shared an update on my sister's hair. So whenever she's in town, I always try to do an update. Her hair has been natural for over a decade now. She doesn't use any chemicals (no relaxer and no hair color), and she doesn't use any heat in her
Did My Hair Grow 6″ in 1 Year?

Did My Hair Grow 6″ in 1 Year? »

1 Feb, 2016
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Did my hair grow 6" in 1 year? On average, hair grows 6" in 1 year. Last year, I wanted to see exactly how many inches my hair would grow in 1 year. I did a a couple minor trims last year so I wasn't sure about whether I would reach my goal. So did
First Look | Relaxer Update

First Look | Relaxer Update »

29 Jan, 2015
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Here’s a video of my hair a few hours after I left the salon. I will do another video this weekend. Did you get your hair relaxed this week? How did it go?

T’was the Night Before My Relaxer…

T’was the Night Before My Relaxer… »

27 Jan, 2015
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Tomorrow is relaxer day! I’m more excited than a kid who found her hidden Christmas gifts and knows exactly what she’s getting. To prep for my relaxer, I saturated my cornrow with sta sof fro and jojoba oil. Then I spent 2 hours gently removing the cornrow. My hair feel soft and moisturized, except the

1 Year Relaxer Stretch is Over

1 Year Relaxer Stretch is Over »

24 Sep, 2013
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I just ended my one-year relaxer stretch! Check out the video above and tell me what you think. Are you doing a long relaxer stretch also?

1 Year Relaxer Stretch Update

1 Year Relaxer Stretch Update »

24 Sep, 2013
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Roller Set Results & A Hair Setback?

Roller Set Results & A Hair Setback? »

10 Jun, 2013
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Yesterday, I roller set my hair for the first time in years (literally). Here are the results. My last relaxer was October 2012, so I’m 8 months post relaxer. I don’t plan on going natural; I’m trying different methods for permanently straightening my hair. My last resort is getting a full relaxer so I can

MsKibibi’s Hair Cut & Bangs!

MsKibibi’s Hair Cut & Bangs! »

20 Apr, 2013
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Hi ladies (and gents)! I’ve missed you all so much. My apologies for the break in my posting but I’m back now and with a new look. If you follow my Twitter or Facebook page then you may already know that I recently got a major 4″+ hair cut and got bangs! Yes, ladies Ms.-I-get-tired-of-new-styles

MsKibibi Hair Update

MsKibibi Hair Update »

7 Dec, 2012
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Updates on my book, book events and magazine feature.

Video: MsKibibi Hair Updates

Video: MsKibibi Hair Updates »

7 Dec, 2012
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