Hair Wash Day Routine

Hair Wash Day Routine »

29 Sep, 2015
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Here’s a video showing my wash day routine. I normally wash my hair in the shower but for filming purposes I used the kitchen sink (Don’t tell my dad, he would have a fit if he knew I didn’t wash my hair in the “proper place”… I tell you Jamaicans and their rules haha). Also,

Tip of The Week: Wash Day Detangling

Tip of The Week: Wash Day Detangling »

24 Apr, 2012
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13 weeks post relaxer To help reduce tangling on wash day, I wash my hair in braids. Normally, I do 8 braids total. However, during this long stretch (and with skipping wash day last week), I needed more control of my roots while detangling to minimize breakage. 8 braids on one side So I tried

Just Horsing Around…

Just Horsing Around… »

8 Sep, 2010
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well not quite. As you may already know, I take horseback riding lessons once a week.  I love taking lessons but I realizes last week that the helmet, low ponytail and humidity are taking a toll on my hair.  Specifically, the humidity causes my hair to revert back being to curly and I started getting