5 Winter Hair Care Must Do’s »

2 Jan, 2015
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[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on December 25, 2014 in The Coco Magazine.]   Winter is here! While the snow blanketing the streets makes for great holiday pictures and sets the perfect scene for drinking tea while snuggled up next to a fireplace, your hair is not so thrilled about the climate change.

Wig Wash Day Routine

Wig Wash Day Routine »

6 Feb, 2012
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I’m trying a new technique for my wig wash-day routine. Normally I would remove all of the cornrows and wash my hair every weekend. Well my scalp is actually doing pretty well right now, no itchiness or flaking. So I decided to see if I can go two weeks between washing my hair. I still have to wash

Swig Cap (100% Silk Wig Cap)

Swig Cap (100% Silk Wig Cap) »

6 Feb, 2012
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I ordered the Swig Cap last week and was so excited when it arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s 100% silk and has a good amount of room in the cap.  The roominess in the cap means it should fit all of my hair if its cornrowed or not. My only concern is that the

“My” Hair Today

“My” Hair Today »

30 Jan, 2012
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My winter wig regimen is in full swing! Here is how it looks today.I keep forgetting it’s a wig and try to rub my scalp lol. I hardly feel it on my head. What do you think?

Wig Prep Results

Wig Prep Results »

30 Jan, 2012
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Bantu knot – Dry set / wet set In my last post, I shared how I did an experiment with a dry and wet set on my winter wig. I let the wig air dry and then removed the bantu knots and curlformers. Curlformer – Dry set / Wet Set The clear winner is the

Winter Wig Prep

Winter Wig Prep »

29 Jan, 2012
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I know many of you have been patiently waiting for me to implement my winter wig regimen (Thanks for being so patient!). Well you may already know that the “trigger” (so to speak) for me to wear my wig is snow. Well guess what? It still hasn’t snowed here (And “they” say global warming isn’t

Shea, Oh Shea [Butter]!

Shea, Oh Shea [Butter]! »

20 Jan, 2012
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I love shea butter for the wintertime. It is thick and heavy, which is perfect for sealing in my moisturizer. I completely forgot that I had some pure shea butter that I bought from coastalscents.com a couple of years ago. It occurred to me this week that it was still packed in a box. So

Preserving my Style Under my Hat

Preserving my Style Under my Hat »

2 Dec, 2011
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One reservation that most of us have about wearing a hat during the winter is the threat to our hair style. No one wants to remove their hat and reveal helmet hair.  The way you preserve your style under your hat depends on how you are wearing your hair. This week I’m wearing a bantu knot out.

Free Shipping from HatSoMe!

Free Shipping from HatSoMe! »

9 Nov, 2011
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Image Source I love silk lined hats and scarves for the winter. They are a great way to protect your hair and stay warm. The challenge is finding fashionable silk lined items. Well HatSoMe has a new collection with several new items that are very chic. I already own a few of their silk lined

Winter Regimen Prep

Winter Regimen Prep »

7 Nov, 2011
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Wig I wore last winter The weather has been tolerable for us, especially considering that DC and NY has been plummeted by snow. Alas, the pleasant weather isn’t going to last for long. We are expecting snow this week. So I need to start finalizing my winter regimen. I probably won’t start wearing my wig